Local motors - 3D Printed Car Design Challenge - HOLOS

As the name suggest I took a holistic design approach for this concept. The word holism is derived from Greek holos , meaning "all, whole, entire." I concentrated on main volumes and how to put all parts into one, rather than on small details. Main goal was to emphasize 3d printing capabilities , i approached design of this vehicle in a manner that all the parts could be done in a single print and at the same time form a single frame monocoque which serves as a exterior - interior and a supporting structure. However headrests in this occasion would be printed separately as they do not fit the given print box. Different opacity  materials give a strong contrast. Some areas a printed in a manner that mimics coral reef. Metallic particles added to print filament makes a perfect finish for this car. I used biomimicracy in order to come up with a new aesthetic approach and save weight at the same time. Design language represents simplicity through lightweight shapes. Overall car stands for pure joy of driving and efficiency.