Neo flock is advanced augmented reality assistant. It takes its user to an unexplored territory, allowing one to experience feelings and twin vision through Neo flock flights. It's directly connected to human nerves system in a non intrusive manner.Near field electro waves directly transmit data to visual cortex as to the nerves that are responsible for feelings. This device would be perfect supplement for Prague visitors and locals, which want to experience the city in a new way. Prague is so rich in its architecture and surrounding, it simply asks to be explored in a unconventional way.

Neo flock would be a short term rental device, just like bicycles - nowadays. Once equipped, user has a chance to release a flock of miniature fliers into the air, they will do rest of a job and accompany the guest in style. Flying around and guiding its user to most interesting places, while showing perspectives never seen before. Just imagine a whole new experience seeing a view of your own plus a birds view from above. On top of that, gust of wind are felt through micro transmitters in ones back. Whole magic comes when you meet other Neo flock users and your fliers join into ever bigger formations while drawing amazing silhouettes in the sky.

To sum up, you just need to try it, as this is experience of a lifetime.