Mclaren Gyrocompass motor yacht final animation



Future motor yacht concept

Gyrocompass is futuristic motor yacht compass aiming to redefine existing clichés in marine field.  Advanced and yet subtle exterior design language is used to emphasize its grace. Vertical environment supports vessels by adding right mood to the scene and taking a spectator to distant future. As the name suggest steering apparatus on this yacht consist of a hybrid Gyrocompass and steering wheel. It allows user to navigate seas with ease. Transparent aluminum dash serves as a LCD, transmitting vital data to the driver. 
Smart seating system allows user to operate in two modes: Standing and seated. Along with dual mode Gyrocompass steering wheel, this tandem allows endless possibilities for driving modes. Passengers will enjoy comfortable benches, stretching from front to the back and at the same time forming steps for access to the water. Ergonomics are prioritized by using smart materials, such as: Aerogel – lightest material on the planet, which is hydrophobic at the same time. Stairs are design to improve access to the vessel. 
Powertrain consist of ultra-high pressure boiler, burning bio mass and transmitting heat power to underwater turbine, to propel the yacht directly with no mechanical intervene. 
To sum up McLaren Gyrocompass is a innovator in 13 meter power yacht range. Offering newest technologies and second to none excitement feeling.