BMW VANguard Pforzheim university 1st semester project

BMW VANguard

VANguard is a two seated advanced van concept for BMW, it explores new shape and accessibility features, pushing the boundaries of a van segment vehicle.

The name already suggests innovation, having unconventional cargo access panels on a side. Those serve as a distinctive and strong design feature, but most important improves ergonomics distinctively. Active sports enthusiasts will be happy with a complete roof opening along with a side, which lets to load a bulky gear with ease. Side panels are highly customizable by letting a customer to choose from variety of graphics, materials, colors and even an active transparency to shield ones privacy.
Though the car has a distinctive advanced design language, BMW DNA is evident just by glance. Slightly higher, leaning forward posture gives a car lightness and agility considering it size and proportions which it maintained intentionally keeping it a true functional van. Sleek leaning roofline improves aerodynamics and also bringing a sports car impression. Front "greenhouse" is only separated by graphical a pillars with a cameras attached to it, giving it an interesting mono volume shape.
Overall efficiency is highly improved by usage of bio plastics for body panels an frame along with all electric powertrain and solar cell body paint. As a car primarily is only 2 seated allowing bigger space for cargo it has 2 side flip seats at a back. Innovative lighting solutions feature bio LED technology, retaining distinctive BMW solutions: rectangular "angels eyes in a front and an L shaped double taillights at the back.

Vanguard being a premium vehicle in a segment would appeal to companies that require not only a commercial van, but something rather that represents business itself in style and uniqueness. To sum up BMW VANguard is a vehicle for brave and demanding public that requires considerable cargo space, but doesn't wish to lose its status and style.

Tomas Jankauskas